Killing Roulette Myths to Know

Roulette Myths

All we know that roulette is a game of chance. There is no secret.

However, we still are looking for some mysteries, mathematicians, strategies to win this tricky game. Forgetting about the randomness of live roulette, we believe in various myths.

Here are some of them revealed for you. To stop believing in bullshit. To stop losing money relying on various roulette betting systems.

50% Chance to Win

If you place bets on half the numbers on the wheel you have 50/50 chances to win. Well, it sounds really good. BUT… even if you win, you lose. How is it possible? Just count the sum you spent to cover half the wheel and the sum you can actually win. So, profit is not such great this time. Just imagine that you win every round. Anyway, you lose. As you can see, mathematics still necessary to play roulette. As well as common sense.

The Previous Bets Impact the Next

Usually, you can see what numbers have already appeared on the wheel. It makes you think that such numbers will not hit during the next several spins. On the contrary, if some number didn’t appear much time you’d rather bet on it to win. Well, I should disappoint you, but it won’t work.

Roulette is a game of CHANCE. Every number has the same chances as any other. And it doesn’t matter whether it appeared two rounds or ten before. Roulette has no memory. It hits absolutely at random. It knows nothing about your expectations and calculations.

Everything is simple. You have chances one out of 37 (if you play European Roulette). And one out of 38 (if you play American Roulette). Clearly, there are no methods to increase the odds.

Live Roulette Predictions

Live Roulette Myths

Some players suppose that there is always some fraud. The wheel is unbalanced to predict the next outcome. Live dealer casinos use real casino roulette wheels. They are checked, repaired thoroughly and quite frequently. Moreover, roulette is a game of chance and no one will risk their license to damage their reputation. Because the roulette game is itself quite profitable for casinos. Without any influences.

So, stay calm and keep playing. If you lose – it is destiny. If you win – it is luck. No one cares about your next move – neither a roulette wheel, no a live dealer. Rely on your intuition and play without any hesitation. No one will ruin your great mood with some falsification.

Dealers Influence Your Win

For some players dealers are like magicians. They learn their horoscopes deciding who brings more luck – Taurus or Scorpio. Who can make number 20 appear several times during the game session? Blondes or brunettes.

It seems that every dealer has their signature to bring good or bad. Just imagine if the dealer can predict the outcome of every spin? What powerful people they can be. Like true wizards or witches. Nothing can make a dealer to know the outcome of some or another spin. However, you always can ask them… and feel really stupid.